meat IS gross but be a grown-up and calm waaaayy down

Man, stuff like this makes me mad. I've been a vegetarian or vegan since I was a kid simply because meat just grosses me out. As a grown up though I don't expect anyone to cater to my food choices, or for kids around me to eat kale chips for dinner instead of chicken nuggets just because I do. I used to wholeheartedly support PETA, but their mean-spirited antics turn people against what I believe to be a very important message. 

Vegan & vegetarianism are just smart lifestyle choices. Period.

Truly. I barely sleep but somehow I have energy, my skin care routine is non-existent, and I'm only chubby when Aunt Flo comes around. (If I ain't being too subtle).
But for real, it's a good way to live - but that's a choice you have to make for yourself. Give your kids the facts (in a non-scary way) and they'll eat what they feel. Or, cook what you're gonna cook - they're gonna eat. Maybe no discussion needed. Don't just bust out with kale chips for dinner though all of the sudden. That's not nice. (Although, no joke...that's what I seriously eat everyday for lunch and dinner if I'm home. I'm addicted, it's weird, and I'm typing super fast so that I can go make some right now.)
Anyway, while I agree with the sentiment, this ad is a little over-the-top for a kid. There's enough stuff to be freaked out by nowadays. Geez.

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