So I've been completely obsessed with this girl Angel Barta lately. And it's best if you read the rest of this post in a 9th grade girl's gossipy lunchroom voice. That's totally the voice I'm thinking and writing with right now, so if I start using symbols & abbreviations instead of words, W/E H8R!
Ok, so I LOVE Marc Jacobs. I'm not into the fashion industry though; I think it's stupid, and I 'make' most of my clothes from random stuff I bought at Target or Goodwill. But, I love MJ's perfumes. Side note: My favorite is the original - Marc Jacobs (heavy gardenia notes, in the square bottle, black rectangle top, comes in a white box.) I'm mentioning this because I accept gifts.
Anyway, I've had a crush on him for years. I actually thought he was sexier when he wore glasses, dressed like an early 90's IT guy, and was a little chubby. It was endearing. The new model-ized version of him is ok too, and my dream for like 10 years was to meet him and have long, fancy, romantic dinners talking about gosh knows what. Yes, I know he's gay and I don't think we have too much in common. I mainly just like looking at him. I could, like, sing at one of his shows or something I guess. IDK. Not relevant.
So, during one of my recent MJ "researches", I came across this blog comment from this chick named Angel who said all sorts of crazy things about him and their secret romance. Romance? With a girl? That was my dream first, heffa. So I ignored it until I saw more and more people talking about her. Well, I clicked on her site and zomg! Drama! Espionage! Affaire d'amour!
She's an aspiring model & designer, and wrote a book (which doesn't seem to be published) about her 2 year secret love affair with MJ in Paris. She was his muse and he became obsessed with her, stealing all of her ideas for his own lines while refusing to credit her as his inspiration or letting her walk in any of his shows. Scandaleux!
At this point, I'm aware of how freshman year drama club I sound, but it's too late to turn back now.
I think I'm so intrigued by all of this because I tend to side with the person no one else does. This Angel chick is like a small town Hungarian girl, and she's dead serious about getting her story heard all over. All these snobby fashion-types are calling her a crazy stalker and a liar, blah blah. But I mean, I don't put nothin' past nobody - even my beloved Marcky. Her site does have some pretty good head-scratchers, and there's a NY Times interview with MJ that mentions her and makes him look a tad sketchy.
I think the real interest here is that if her story is true, lighting could strike twice and I'd have a chance. He'd get no design ideas from me though, and I doubt highly his muse would be a short goofball from Michigan who's been wearing the same cut-off Pac-Man t-shirt and cargo skirt every day for the last 2 weeks. (Don't let me see that combo in his Spring line.) The other takeaway here is that the hours of 11pm-4am are for sleeping - not getting carried away in Marc Jacobs fan fiction. That's just me? Ah.
Well if you can't sleep one night, take a gander at her strangely fascinating website. I don't think she speaks a lick of English, and Google Translate did a terrible job on some phrases, but reading it in a weird Hungarian slash French accent made me laugh. Going to bed now!
Au revoir, TTYL!
Angel Barta's blog: http://styleangelique.blogspot.com/2013/03/marc-jacobs-thief-of-century-who.html

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