Stuff that makes me happy. :)

-I have a friend that always, always answers my calls with 'Hi beautiful!' or 'Hey sunshine'! I don't know...just makes me smile. 

-7 year olds who pretend not to like tickles, but laugh maniacally before a finger even touches them.

-Jello Chocolate Mousse Temptations.

-The view at night from my living room...hills, trees and city lights. Calm and crazy at the same time.

-Getting texts that simply say 'You doing ok today?'

-Glade 2-in-1 apple cinnamon & creamy vanilla custard candles.

-Target. Everything about Target.

-Futbol battles with my boy.

-Flowers. Preferably in my hair, so I can smell them all day.

-Eating kale chips straight off the pan.


-Teenagers who don't like other teenagers that drink, have sex, or do drugs.

-Remembering to make my bed in the morning.

-Witch Hazel - THE best toner.

-Olive oil for everything but cooking.

-Def Leppard

-This one little birdie's song I wait for every morning.

- Dancing to 'Baby I'm a Star' by Prince in the car.

-Seeing other people dancing in their cars.


-People who are respectful of others religious beliefs.

-Falling asleep early...and staying asleep all night.

-Playing piano without thinking about messing up.

-Going out on a limb.

-Accepting people hating or loving me.

-Stevie Wonder's cover of The Beatles 'We Can Work it Out'.

-Hand Sanitizer!

Have a happy day everyone! 

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