You came along just like a song...

So I love Karen Carpenter. Like, I really love her. Some of the first music I remember singing as a kid was The Carpenters. I think I even sang one of their songs in show choir in school. 'Close to you.'
My voice is my voice, but probably more than anyone, hers is the one I'd most like to be like. I love singers who just sing. No crazy, over-the-top nonsense. (Side eyeing Christina Suckilera.) Truly gifted singers can pull huge emotion and sweetness from a simple melodic, unassuming place. I'm not saying I don't appreciate big operatic, rock, or gospel voices... ya'll know I'm so about Chris Cornell, Maria Callas, Aretha. For real. I'm just saying that Karen's voice gets me every time with it's pureness and simplicity. It's like someone saying you've hurt them, but speaking calmly instead of bringing the drama. SO much more powerful.
Anyway, just a little shout to Karen and the beautiful music she tragically left behind.

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